Swiftly: One Free Design Task Worth $19 FREE!

Swiftly: One Free Design Task Worth $19 FREE!

Need some designing done quickly or just cant get or find the right tool in Photoshop? Don’t have a thing for colors but know what you want? No problem the guys over at Swiftly.com have got you covered. For a small fee of $19 they will match your job with a designer and will make it happen and within the hour! I took the opportunity to utilize their service and now I am here to pass on the savings to you. For a limited time Swiftly will give you ONE FREE design task worth $19 FOR FREE! Below is an example of what they did for me:



Big shout out to the designer who did this for me, name is below feel free to contact him for other jobs or get lucky enough to get matched up with him @ swiftly.com



Price: $19 $0 ( 100% Discount! )

Some of the things you can get done:

  • Logo alterations: Add a new tagline to your logo, maybe change the color or give it a nice holiday theme.
  • Banner advertisement changes: Extending or changing your offer, call to action need updating, need a new image – swiftly will make it happen.
  • Photo Resizing, cropping and enhancement: Professional or personal shots, we’ll crop, enhance, resize and reformat to your specifications.
  • Icon tweaks: Need a slightly bigger, slightly smaller or slightly different icon for your website or collateral, Swiftly are happy to help.
  • Business collateral updates: Need to create a new business card for a new staff member or need to change the contact and address details on your letterhead – Swiftly does it!
  • Vectorize: Have your logo or icons turned into a vector image so that can be enlarged without the blurriness. Because no one likes a blurry logo.
  • Marketing and template changes: Have some marketing collateral you need updated, or maybe it’s a presentation you need a graph or diagram improved. Swiftly are here for you!
  • Social creative: Need a new Facebook banner, twitter avatar and more. Swiftly have your social creative needs covered.
  • File conversion: Turn that .psd into a .gif .jpeg or .png and any other combination you need.
  • Anything else you can think of: We’re up for any challenge you can send our way.  We are all about small design jobs so if we feel your task is too big for Swiftly we will let you know — but that doesn’t happen very often.